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Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There Video Guitar Lesson

In this video guitar lesson you will learn the haunting acoustic guitar instrumental "Is There Anybody Out There" by Pink Floyd.

It is a rather simple song with no barre chords and simple fingerpicking patterns. However, there are a couple licks thrown in there that might pose a slight challenge to some players. In any case, I think all players can benefit from trying to learn this instrumental masterpiece from The Wall album. It is just a nice tune to relax to.

If you don't feel like playing it fingerstyle and would rather use a pick it is totally doable that way as well. The only thing you need to focus on when picking the tune is to make sure every single pick stroke is in the direction of the next string you will pick. If you follow that rule the picking can sound very smooth with this tune.

Anyway, enough of my talking, I hope you guys enjoy the song. Cheers! Carl..

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Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There Video Guitar Lesson


  1. Richard Wardle says:

    Hi Carl, for some reason it won’t let me watch this video (I am in Canada – says “uploader has not made this video available in your country”) This is strange since I did watch it when before I became a premium member ! Please help – I’m halfway through learning it… Love your site so far 🙂

    • Carl Brown says:

      He Richard, I wish I could help but it is out of my control. My Pink Floyd lessons have started become blocked in North America since last week. It is an issue between YouTube and Pink Floyd’s North American publisher.

      The message saying I blocked it is incorrect and just a stock message YouTube uses. Hopefully they will work out the issues and unblock the videos for North America soon.


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