How to play Revolution by The Beatles

In this video lesson I will demonstrate how to play Revolution by The Beatles.

Instantly recognizable within the first second, "Revolution" moved into as yet, uncharted sonic territory and blew the doors open on what hard rock could actually be.

Just how incredible is it that such an amazingly creative group of musicians just happened to all be in the same band??

In any case, I will work you through the entire song note for note starting with that awesome "Johnny B. Goode" inspired intro.

That intro starts with some quick double-stops that give way to the main chord progression of the song. That main chord progression uses a couple of guitar layers to great effect.

Both of those guitar parts are essential to recreating the sound of the original recording. Oh and before I forget, that sound you are hearing on the original recording is a little bit flat. So if you attempt to play along with the original recording after learning this lesson, be sure to slightly de-tune your guitar if you want it to still sound accurate.

John Lennon's guitar part consists of a basic B5-B6 rock blues lick taken across the I IV and V chords of the key. The guitar layer that George Harrison adds on top really makes this part shine. Hopefully, you will be able to play this song with a guitar playing friend to truly get it sounding right.

For the chorus John Lennon's part isn't changed very much. But, George Harrison adds some really cool guitar licks over it that propel the momentum of the song through the chorus. If you are in a two guitar band, take note of this kind of guitar layering, it sounds great no matter what style of music your prefer.

Other than that we have a quick little guitar solo that perfectly compliments the underlying guitar parts. That guitar solo starts with a chaotic sounding oblique bend that intentionally goes in and out of tune.

From there the solo progresses to some slick 6th intervals, a quick little melody then a crazy last note that sounds like it is being strangled within an inch of it's life!

For me, it is really cool to go back and transcribe classic songs like "Revolution". This is literally were it all started and it is fascinating to see how it was all put together.

Enjoy!! Carl...

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How to play Revolution by The Beatles

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