Plug In Baby Guitar Lesson – Muse

In today's lesson we are going to learn how to play "Plug In Baby" by one of modern rock's greatest bands, Muse.

Guitarist Matthew Bellamy opens up "Plug In Baby" with a riff which Total Guitar magazine readers voted as the #1 ultimate guitar riff of the 2000s.

In this Plug In Baby guitar lesson video we will learn that riff, which is quite long, as well the main chords used during the chorus. Those are actually the only two real guitar parts in the whole song.

The killer opening guitar riff is played multiple times throughout the song and is quite unique. It contains certain patterns or sequences within it that, as soon as you understand them, make learning the whole riff much easier. In this video lesson, while I am demonstrating this riff, I will show you how to see those patterns so you can memorize everything much faster.

On a technical level I would put "Plug In Baby" at about an intermediate level. That main riff certainly does move around quite a bit, especially after the band joins in. You will have to rapidly pick across strings, alternate pick through a few ascending picking sequences and throw a couple half step bends in there as well.

What is really cool though is that after you have the riff under your fingers you will find that it fits the rhythm underneath perfectly. It just simply grooves. Once you lock into this groove you simply won't want to stop practicing this hypnotic riff. So don't get bogged down with all the notes there are to learn. It will be well worth the effort when you are done.

As for the chorus, we have just a few repetitive power chords to play through, no big deal. Most of your efforts will be learning the main riff.

Muse is certainly not only one of the most successful modern rock bands, but also one of the most creative. Their style is a unique combination of everything from Queen to Metallica to dare I say it, Rachmaninoff.

So if your looking for a great song to learn with epic and challenging riffs I don't think you can do much better these days than "Plug In Baby".

Have Fun!


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Plug In Baby Guitar Lesson - Muse


  1. thomas Patrick on October 23, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Stretching excercises are awesome ( I am a SAG guy but a retired test pilot, if you want to play your entire life you must stretch…thank you. Thank you for reminding me what should be intuitive ). If you do 15 to 30 mins of Qi gong ( tai chi ) it compliments the entire process ( brain , fingers , clarity ). I am not selling anything ( stretch , limber up back, ham strings, neck, shoulders , hips etc ). All will be better players and ironical healthier across the board. ( how cool play guitar for health ). I honestly believe it fights off dimentia ( also 8 to 10 bottles of water a day ….never miss water and sleep ) and you can still party:):):) I promise it helps. I am becoming a premium member today. VR. Tom P
    PS. Water , sleep , stretching , then stretch fingers and Learn at guitar 365 is my new motto !!! ( I have been playing since I was a kid …its next level time ). There is a powerful link between brain health and guitar specifically. I am the medical example. I will share my story with you as we evolve. ( I am a brand new member ). This important and powerful stuff. I am actually the example , being watched by neurologists…..using both hands, singing , picking , finger picking has major effects on right brain / left brain compensation , mood, and of course the hypnotic passion ( that drives my spouse nuts ha ha ha )
    It may be wise to weave some of this into your program ( probably allot of older folks wanting this??? Not sure. Thanks for reading my diatribe!!!

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