Polly Guitar Lesson – Nirvana

In this quick and easy guitar lesson, I am going to show you how to play Nirvana's much loved acoustic classic "Polly" in it's entirety.

This won't take very long since the entire song contains just two chord progressions. Those progressions use mostly power chords at that.

The guitar will be tuned to standard tuning for this Polly guitar lesson and the song starts with the verse chords. These are just 4 simple power chords. Now I say power chords but in reality, when Kurt Cobain plays the power chords off of the 5th string, many times he includes the note on the second string in the bar being held by the third finger as well. This creates a complete major chord. This is pretty standard with Kurt Cobain and if you listen for it you can hear it in much of his music.

So simply be aware of that and don't feel like you messed up if you hear the second string.

The chorus chords are all power chords as well and are extremely simple.

All-in-all, this is a very simple acoustic song that can be attempted by even a total beginner. Have fun with this one!


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Polly Guitar Lesson - Nirvana

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