Pull Me Under Guitar Lesson – Dream Theater

In this Pull Me Under guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this progressive metal classic by the incomparable Dream Theater in it's entirety.

The tuning standard tuning.

"Pull Me Under" pretty much has it all. John Petrucci uses clean arpeggiated guitar riffs, jazzy clean guitar chord voicing, huge metal riffs, chaotic single note riffs, seamless legato licks, melodic yet scorchingly fast guitar licks and more in this marathon of a song.

All of this requires a pretty epic lesson clocking in at well over an hour, but that is needed for such an in-depth look of this masterpiece.

I will tackle each section in the order that it they appear on the original recording. One thing that makes "Pull Me Under" so unique, is that most of the time, when you get to a verse section, the guitar riffs are completely different than the other verses. The same thing goes for the pre-chorus sections. It is really cool how they still make it all work.

I think the genius of John Petrucci is revealed the further you get into the song. I hope you enjoy this in-depth look at this prog metal classic!

Good Luck!


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Pull Me Under Guitar Lesson - Dream Theater

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