Queen – Love of My Life Guitar Lesson – Acoustic

In this Love Of My Life guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic Queen ballad using the live version from the Live Killers album. This live version consists of just Freddie Mercury singing and Brian May playing fingerstyle on a 12-string acoustic, performing the song as a duet.

I won't be using a 12-string in the lesson video, but if you do have a 12-string, you will be able to make it sound more like the original recording.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

There is a quick little intro performed by May that uses major triads along the 1-3 string set while keeping on open D in the bass.

We then get into the actual song with a melodic intro that leads us to the verse.

The verse sections vary slightly throughout the song, so the first time I demonstrate the verse, I will go through it more slowly and the other times I will pretty much show you any variations that are played.

My favorite part of this acoustic version of "Love Of My Life" is Brian May's quickly little musical interlude. The chords move around pretty quickly in this section, but it sounds beautiful when you put it all together.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this beautiful classic ballad by the incomparable Queen!

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Queen - Love Of My Life Guitar Lesson - Acoustic

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