Rapid Downstroke Picking – Student Spotlight – CJ

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will help CJ develop a faster, more relaxed rapid downstrokes technique.

I noticed a couple of things with his right hand that he can probably quickly adjust that will relax his hand much more.

The key to this technique is simply having as light and relaxed picking hand as possible. When you reach that point, the hand feels like it is just lightly bouncing. Keep in mind though, you are not LITERALLY bouncing. Instead, it feels like when you hit the string light enough, the string's resistance can help propel your hand back into position above the string again.

I will mention a few tips to get to this level of relaxation, including practicing standing up and focusing on finding any tension that can be occurring from your upper back, through your shoulder, down your arm and into your hand and fingers.

I hope this helps CJ! Your right hand just needs some slight tweaks but your fret-hand looks perfect!


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Rapid Downstroke Picking - CJ

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