Scuttle Buttin’ Guitar Lesson – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Today's "famous riff" lesson is fast fiery and full of all out Texas blues craziness.

"Scuttle Buttin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughan showcases some of the most fiery fretboard gymnastics that he ever recorded. Getting this riff up to speed will be a challenge for just about every guitar player.

In this Scuttle Buttin' guitar lesson I will break down this main riff and demonstrate the ways I feel are the easiest to play it. A lot of the difficulty is in the picking hand and that is where I'll be focusing a lot on this lesson so you can see the most economical way of playing these fast-paced open strings and bends.

You should definitely take your time when trying to absorb all the notes of this riff. Get the groove and feel of the picking patterns in your hands and let them become memorized via muscle memory before trying to ramp up the speed.

Use a nice clear guitar sound on the bridge pickup and try to really articulate those notes so they will all pop out.

Also be careful not to overdo it when practicing this riff because it can really tear up your calluses really quick. Something like this riff should probably just be practiced five or 10 minutes at a time.

Oh and as always if you want to learn this entire killer instrumental track from Stevie Ray Vaughan, just make sure this lesson gets 1000 likes on YouTube and I will get to work on the entire thing.

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So hope you enjoy this Scuttle Buttin' guitar lesson and good luck on mastering this blistering S.R.V. riff.


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Scuttle Buttin' Guitar Lesson

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