Shape Of You Guitar Lesson – Ed Sheeran

In this Shape Of You guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Ed Sheeran hit along with some great technique workouts as well.

We will be using standard tuning throughout.

The instrumentation is very electronic with not a lot of guitar in many parts of the song. Because of that, I have transcribed the repeated keyboard riff for fingerstyle guitar.

This keyboard part is a great technique workout for learning how to plant your fingers when doing fingerstyle guitar parts. This technique is used a lot in classical guitar, but we are using it here to help us achieve the staccato feel of the keyboard riff.

I will work you through this technique very slowly so that you will fully understand how to practice it. It makes for an excellent coordination exercise.

In addition to that opening verse section, I will also show you the basic 4 chord progression that runs throughout the entire song.  These 4 chords are only basic bar chord shapes and wold be a good thing to play in the chorus sections of the song as well as the ending.

Switching back and forth between the intricate fingerpicked riff during the verse and the strummed style of the bar chords during the chorus I think has a good dynamic effect.

I haven't gone through and transcribed every little guitar overdub. This arrangement is more geared towards being playable with just one guitarist.

Enjoy! Carl...

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Shape Of You Guitar Lesson - Ed Sheeran

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