Shoot To Thrill Guitar Lesson – AC/DC

In this Shoot To Thrill guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play this AC/DC classic note-for-note.

As with most AC/DC songs, "Shoot To Thrill" is a fantastic rhythm and lead guitar workout. Guitarists Malcomb and Angus Young produced a hard rock classic with this one.

We will be using the original tuning of standard tuning in this video lesson.

Angus Young starts it all off with a quick little blues based riff around an A power chord. Malcomb Young then enters with an extremely tight riff based around G and D power chords. Getting this riff just right can be difficult. Pay close attention to the muted bass notes. Also, make sure you watch to see the difference between the way Malcomb's riff is played in the intro as opposed to how it's play during the verse sections.

From there "Shoot To Thrill" goes into the pre-chorus which includes a very aggressive rhythm on the "Hendrix Chord" E7#9.

When we get to the first solo section you will see that chord aging before Angus Young launches into some blues based doublestops to begin his solo. When it comes to Angus Young solos, this one is one of his easiest.

I will end the first video lesson after the first solo.

In the second lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play the guitar parts for Malcomb and Angus Young in a very in-depth fashion. This breakdown section requires you to be pretty fluent with hybrid picking in order to play Angus Young's guitar part.

I will finish out the lesson with a note-for-note breakdown of Angus Young's outro solo. This solo is quite a bit more difficult to play than the first one, but I will break it down phrase-by-phrase to help you get it down quickly. Enjoy!


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Shoot To Thrill Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - AC/DC

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  1. Jacob Lauritzen on December 20, 2022 at 1:56 am

    Hello Carl.

    I have been a longtime fan. I was wondering if I could get you to make me two personalized video tutorials for a couple of solos, specifically the solos from the Smashing Pumpkins songs “Rhinoceros” and “Window pane” from the “Gish” album. Would this be possible and how much would you charge?

    Looking forward to an answer from you.

    Kind regards,


    • Carl Brown on December 24, 2022 at 8:33 am

      Hey Jacob, thanks for watching my lessons. Unfortunately, I don’t do any paid transcription work. But, I am sure if you google it, you can find someone who will. Good luck! Carl…

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