Soundgarden – Outshined Guitar Lesson

In this Outshined guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play Kim Thayil's guitar parts for this hard rock classic from Soundgarden note-for-note.

They used Drop "D" tuning on the original recording (DADGBE) so that is what I will be using in this lesson as well.

"Outshined" has so many killer riffs and is so fun to play I think just about any lover of rock/hard rock music will love this one.

The opening riff/verse is based around some basic power chords in a very laid back feel. Pretty simple to play, just make sure you use a hefty amount of palm muting to give it that crunch.

From there we are introduced to the pre-chorus which is a very unique riff that on it's own sounds like it goes out of tune. However, with the bass line added it just sounds like a very cool and very original guitar riff.

Then then chorus hits with just a ton of power and an awesome groove. That chorus really got me when this song originally came out on MTV decades ago.

This is followed by Kim Thayil's solo which contains some cool blues style playing but doesn't get overly difficult.

Later in the song there is a little musical interlude played by Thayil that moves around quite a bit and needs to be played with the right fingering to make it easy on the hands. I will show you how Kim Thayil plays it so hopefully you will get it down quick.

Enjoy! RIP Chris Cornell!

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Soundgarden - Outshined Guitar Lesson

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