Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life By The Drop

In this Life By The Drop guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Stevie Ray Vaughan acoustic track note-for-note.

We will be using standard tuning, just like the original recording.

When in comes to playing Stevie Ray Vaughan's music, it would be kinda hard to find a song that is easier to play than "Life By The Drop". SRV keeps his monstrously virtuosic guitar technique on a short leash for this one, making it accessible to play for the intermediate level player.

The lead lick that starts the song off is fun to play and contains some classic SRV moves.

From there, most of the song is based around a blues shuffle rhythm employing simple chord forms.

If you aren't very familiar with shuffle rhythms, in the video lesson, I will show you an easy way to play them so that you can get that swing feel going quickly.

"Life By The Drop" is a pretty simple and repetitive song that is also a lot of fun to play. There are a few variations that SRV throws in there that I will cover, but for the most part, the song is pretty straightforward without any of the insane guitar work that will all love so much about Stevie Ray Vaughan's playing.

Enjoy! Carl...

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Life By The Drop


  1. Dan Schram (CPORetired) on April 4, 2022 at 8:49 pm

    Another great lesson Carl!

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