Still Breathing Guitar Lesson – Green Day

In this Still Breathing guitar lesson video, I will show you all of the chords for this Green Day hit.

Will we be using standard tuning in this video lesson.

"Still Breathing" begins with a clean guitar tone playing major, minor and sus chords using a chord shape that thins out the typical major or minor bar chords you may be used to playing.

Because of this way the are performing the chords, there are no actual bars required which is great news for those players who have trouble playing those types of chords.

The rhythm used here is pretty aggressive even though it uses a clean guitar tone. There are also some 16th note rhythm bursts thrown in there as well. I will cover how to pick those in the lesson.

Most of the rest of the song is standard power chord rock and nothing moves around very fast. This makes "Still Breathing" a great song for the upper beginner level guitarist.

In addition to the chords, you will hear some melody overdubs using octave shapes. I will show you how to play those as well.

I hope you enjoy learning this catchy power ballad from Green Day!

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Still Breathing Guitar Lesson - Green Day

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