Synchronicity II Guitar Lesson – The Police

In this Synchronicity II guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of Andy Summers' incredible guitar parts for this hit song by The Police.

We will be using standard tuning, just like on the original recording.

Synchronicity II starts with an intro that Andy Summers typically fingerpicks. I will show you how to fingerpick it as well as hybrid pick it.

From there we get to the main riff of the song. In 1983 (around the time Synchronicity II was recorded), Andy Summers' played this main riff in a different position of the fretboard than you will see him play it more recently. I focus on the 1983 version since that is most likely how it was recorded, but I will also show you the more recent way he plays it as well so you can decide which to play.

It is kind of hard to determine what is a pre-chorus, chorus etc. in Synchronicity II, but all the guitar parts are really cool nonetheless and seamlessly flow from one to the other making it a very catchy song. I will demonstrate every part of the song in the order that it appears on the original recording. 🙂

Andy Summers' plays some interesting chord voicing and arpeggio licks throughout the song. He really is a master at coming up with very unique guitar lines that compliment Sting's bass lines.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this one!


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Synchronicity II Guitar Lesson - The Police

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