Take The Money And Run Guitar Lesson – Steve Miller Band

Today we have a fun one. I am gonna to show you how to play all of "Take The Money And Run" by the Steve Miller Band.

Recorded in 1976 "Take The Money And Run" was one of many hits released by the Steve Miller Band in the seventies.

Not only is this one fun to play, it is also pretty easy as well. It uses just a few simple barre chords and open position chords throughout.

Getting the chords down probably won't be very difficult, you will just want to make sure you know where the Bb5 (6th fret power chord) and F5 (1st fret power chord) is thrown in during the riffs. If you are familiar with the song already just by listening (which you should be), it shouldn't be very difficult to place those in the right spot.

For the most part we just have to do some moderate paced 16th note strumming with most of the chords. However, towards the end of the song there is some variations on both the chord voicings used and the strumming pattern. He actually employs some really aggressive 32nd note strumming in this section. Pay close attention to my right hand wrist position at this part of the lesson. By slightly arching my wrist I can make those fast strums much easier. It is amazing how much a simple little adjustment like that can help so much.

There is a little bit of arpeggiated picking in the song which I will point out as well.

All-in-all though, this Take the Money and Run guitar lesson is gonna be pretty easy for you and you will probably be able to get it up and "running" in no time. Enjoy!


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Take The Money And Run Guitar Lesson - Steve Miller Band

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