Tangerine Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin

In this Tangerine guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords to this great song off of Led Zeppelin III.

The tuning is standard tuning, but as I mention in the video, the original recording is about 40 cents flat, which is a little less than a quarter-step flat. This is very common with music from the analog days where you might have a tape machine that pulls at a different speed than the one used during the recording. In any case, my guitar is in standard tuning for this lesson.

I am also using a Faith 12-string guitar. If you don't have a 12-string guitar, a standard 6-string acoustic should still sound fine.

This is probably one of the easier acoustic songs of Jimmy Page's career. That doesn't mean it doesn't have it's challenges though.

I will go through each section of the song in the order that it appears on the original recording and give the minute and second mark of song that each riff appears so that you don't get lost.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this great acoustic song from Led Zeppelin!


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Tangerine Guitar Lesson - Led Zeppelin


  1. George Kerr on January 30, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    Carl how about a lesson on Amanda by Boston on your new jingly 12 string.

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