Teardrop Guitar Lesson – Massive Attack – Acoustic

In this Teardrop guitar lesson video, I will show you an easy to play acoustic guitar version of this massively popular hit by Massive Attack.

"Teardrop" was a huge radio hit for Massive Attack when it was released off their 1998 album Mezzanine. It can still be heard today in countless commercials, movies, TV shows and video games.

Most of "Teardrop" is based around a repetitive harpsichord riff with chordal piano accompaniment.

I have arranged those instrumental parts for a solo standard tuned acoustic guitar and it works remarkably well. Throughout most of the song I will show you a repeated arpeggio picked sequence that matches the harpsichord riff, along with bass notes to emulate the piano chords.

This is a great exercise in arpeggiated picking since the sequence is relatively slow and repetitive, giving you ample time to practice the technique.

There are also a few simple major bar chords that I use in the lesson whenever the harpsichord drops out. I chose these bar chord voicings since they sound darker than using open voiced chords. That darker quality more closely emulates the piano from the original recording.

I hope you enjoy learning this acoustic guitar arrangement of one of the most unique songs to come out of the 90's!


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Teardrop Guitar Lesson - Massive Attack - Acoustic

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