The Beatles – Across The Universe Video Acoustic Guitar Lesson

In this video guitar lesson you will learn the incredible Across The Universe by The Beatles.

Written by John Lennon, its simple structure makes it accessible to just about any level of guitarist. There is one part that can be a bit tricky though and that is the intro. Be sure to follow along with the video and listen to my little tips on getting the intro down more quickly.

Other than that, Across The Universe is basically just two parts, a verse and a chorus. As long as you can comfortable play barre chords on the acoustic guitar, you shouldn't have much trouble at all. If you need more work on your barre chords, this song is a great way to work on them!

I teach this lesson in standard tuning. Depending on what version of the song you are listening to you can find it tuned down anywhere from a half step down to 3 half steps down. My advice is just to learn it in standard and in most cases if you want to follow along with the recording, just tune your guitar down one half step. I believe that is the tuning for most versions of Across The Universe that you will hear.

Across The Universe is probably my favorite Beatles song so I hope you enjoy learning it as much as I enjoyed teaching it. Have fun guys! Carl..

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"The Beatles" - Across The Universe Complete Lessson


  1. Jim Rhoads on July 8, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Great lesson Carl !
    So happy I can play “Across the Universe” now.
    On to the next lesson!


  2. Jon Sweeney on April 10, 2023 at 8:46 am

    Thanks Carl. I love this song and so nice to know how to play it.


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