Using Hybrid Picking To Create A Harmony On Guitar – Guitar Lesson

In this free video guitar lesson we will take a look at a hybrid picking technique that I adapted from a popular classical guitar piece.

At the beginning of the video I demonstrate a small portion of "Leyenda" by Asaac Albeniz. It is probably the most popular classical guitar tune in the world.

When adapted for hybrid picking I think it creates the oppoutunity to have a constant harmonic drone that you can improvise with.

It is really a fun technique to perform and a great vehicle for improvisation. For most of the video lesson I demonstrate how to take a simple chord progression, play it with this technique and improvise with it.

Be sure to download the TAB PDF for this lesson below so you can learn the excerpt from "Leyenda" that I play at the beggining of the video. It is a great vehicle to practice this technique before trying to create improvisations with it.

Using Hybrid Picking To Create A Harmony TAB PDF Download

Hope you guys enjoy practicing the interesting little technique.  🙂

Cheers! Carl..

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Using Hybrid Picking To Create A Harmony On Guitar


  1. Andrew Walker on February 20, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    awesome, id never considered droning the higher pitched strings. instantly gives it a classical sound.

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