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In this video guitar lesson series I will teach you how to play "Walk" by Pantera note-for-note. This Walk guitar lesson series will be broken up into 3 different video lessons. This first lesson was part of my "famous riff" series, so I only teach the main riff in that one. You guys got enough votes on that video that I have now finished the whole song. The second video will finish all the riffs, and the last video lesson will cover Dimebag Darrell's solo note-for-note.

In the first video, the slow groove based riff by the great Dimebag Darrell has a feel that is very unique. I honestly can't recall a guitar riff ever sounding similar to this prior to it's release.

"Walk" was released on Pantera's 1992 Vulgar Display Of Power album. Upon it's release as a single, it quickly became the most beloved Pantera song with both their hardcore fans and general public.

The reason for this is the massive riff that opens the song and remains for a majority of the song. Dimebag's riff was simple and direct and probably the most powerful thing he ever wrote. As heavy as it is, the main riff to "Walk" is actually very catchy which helps give it it's lasting appeal to metal fans all over the world.

I will demonstrate how Dimebag performs this classic metal riff note-for-note. Keep in mind that "Walk" is tuned to D standard (D G C F A D). But that isn't all, Dimebag also slightly detunes his guitar a bit further than that. This slight detuning is a trademark of Dimebag's. To get to the proper tuning you will need an electronic tuner that allows you to adjust the amount of cents. Concert pitch is 440 cents but to recreate Dimebag's tuning, you will have to set it at about 430 cents. Then you will be able to simply tune your guitar to D standard and it will sound in pitch with the original recording.

Now I know besides this amazing riff there are some other highly influential guitar parts to this song. In fact, the solo is considered to be one of the greatest metal guitar solos of all time.

So in the second lesson I will finish up all of Dimebag's amazing riffs. It is actually a pretty simple song to play (at least the riffs) so you probably won't have much trouble there.

It will be in the third and final lesson video that we finally make it to that great guitar solo. Dimebag pulled out all the stops in this one, with lots of dissonant yet very catchy licks using a ton of guitar techniques including oblique bends, heavy vibrato, fast legato, alternate picking, HUGE bends and even dual hand tap slides.

It truly is one of the greatest metal guitar solos of all-time.

Well I hope you guys enjoy learning this heavy metal classic by the incomparable Dimebag Darrell!


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  1. Tim on September 5, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Hey Carl! Brilliant stuff. Thanks for more Pantera. Loving the onscreen tab!

  2. Ann Louise on December 6, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    \m/ 😀 \m/ Awesome! Thanks for the lessons! -Annie

  3. Nicholas Kocher on December 31, 2017 at 10:54 am

    Great lesson Carl!

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