Walk On The Wild Side Guitar Lesson – Lou Reed

In this Walk On The Wild Side guitar lesson video, I will show you all the chords and strumming patterns to this Lou Reed acoustic classic.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

The chords a very simple in this one, and in fact, there are only three of them in total.

Because of that, I thought this would be a good opportunity to help anyone out there that has trouble with strumming patterns, especially some of the trickier ones used in Walk On The Wide Side.

I will walk you through, step-by-step, the way you should think about and feel strumming patterns. It will make it much more natural to you if you are one of those guitarists that needs to count out the strumming pattern.

If you are approaching strumming correctly, you will be able to use your ear to mimic a strumming pattern naturally without much thought.

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Walk On The Wild Side Guitar Lesson - Lou Reed

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