Weekly Guitar Technique Workout – Week 4

In this week's guitar technique workout we will concentrate on a guitar technique called string crossing.

You will also hear this technique called chordal picking or arpeggiated picking but in any case it basically means to hold a chord form down with the fret hand while the picking hand picks across multiple strings. When you let all the notes ring freely together is creates a full and complex sound that actually sounds more difficult than it is to do.

There are a number of players that have a lot of difficulty getting this string crossing technique to sound smooth. Hopefully the short workout demonstrated in this video lesson if repeated numerous times a day will help alleviate those issues.

There are 3 different string crossing patterns used within this workout and each focuses on a specific problem many guitarists have with string crossing.

The first pattern deals with rapid changes of direction in the picking. This one is very important to get the whole "always pick in the direction of the next string you are gonna hit" concept. Practicing a pattern like this over and over will help coordinate the hands to the point that eventually no matter what you are presented with you will automatically pick in the direction of the next string immediately without thinking about it. It will simply become second nature.

The second pattern consists of a lot of string skipping which can be quite challenging for many guitarists. The third pattern involves picking across all strings which makes your picking hand wrist have to float across the strings.

Practice the string crossing patterns separately at first then combine them all into one big exercise that you repeat over and over again for a few minutes each day. Be sure to keep your picking hand wrist nice and loose.

Be sure to "Grab The Tab" for this string crossing workout below.

Week 4 Workout - String Crossing TAB PDF Download

Have fun guys! Carl..

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Weekly Guitar Technique Workout - Week 4


  1. Marc Leone on September 26, 2013 at 7:28 am

    These are all very nice Carl.

    Many thanks for due diligence.


  2. Chetan Chauhan on November 30, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Hey Carl…
    Thanks a ton for these wonderful videos..
    Dude when will you post weekly guitar technique workouts beyond week 4.
    I am eagerly waiting for you .

    Thanks again..

  3. Michael O'Donnell on March 16, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Thanks Carl-
    This technique cleaned alot of the single note chords I ve been struggling with and gave me a definite pattern that applies to everything like this picking wise. Huge help! Thank you good man!

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