Weekly Guitar Technique Workout – Week 6

In this week's guitar technique workout I thought it would be nice to combine some of the techniques we have worked on so far.

The week's workout combines hybrid picking, alternate picking, legato and string skipping in an exercise that really help develop the synchronization between both hands.

The synchronization or timing between the hands is give a nice workout due to the fact that we play the same lick 4 times, twice with alternate picking and hybrid picking then with legato and hybrid picking.

Rapidly switching between two completely different feels like that helps reinforce your coordination between both hand.

Be sure to "Grab The TAB" from the link below.

Weekly Guitar Technique Workout - Week 6 TAB PDF Download

Be sure to take your time with the exercise. The entire workout is basically just one lick taken across multiple string sets. So workout on the first measure for a while first before moving on to the rest of the workout.

By simply repeated that one measure it will make everything much easier to learn once you have the lick down.

OK, have fun everyone! Carl..

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Week 6 Guitar Technique Workout


  1. Marc Leone on June 2, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    These workouts have been highly beneficial daily exercises to improve playing and improvisational skill building.

    Wonderful. Thank you.

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