Welcome to Paradise Guitar Lesson – Green Day

In this Welcome to Paradise guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Green Day classic note-for-note.

The tuning is one half-step down from standard. That will be, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

"Welcome to Paradise" is an excellent rhythm guitar workout that also has a fantastic picking exercise in the bridge section.

I will demonstrate the way Billie Joe Armstrong typically plays chords around the fretboard. This way of playing chords is the reason while many of his chords based off of the 5th string are full major chords, and the ones based off of the 6th string are power chords.

The bridge section has some quick little legato lines that then launch into a arpeggiated picking sequence. This part of the song is by far the most challenging. I will demonstrate the way I would personally pick it, but some players might choose to use alternate picking here. Do whatever feels right to you!

Have fun with this one!


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Welcome to Paradise Guitar Lesson - Green Day

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