Whole Lotta Love Guitar Solo Lesson – Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page's classic solo in Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" seems to jump out at you from out of nowhere.

To help with this effect, Jimmy Page uses an in your face guitar tone created by leaving his wah pedal engaged and left all the way in the forward position.

With that tone he plays a series of blistering guitar licks and gigantic bends. Really, the bends Jimmy Page plays in this solo are simply ridiculous. 🙂

The first lick in this Whole Lotta Love guitar solo lesson is pretty much a sped up blues lick. Easy enough I guess. But then Jimmy Page launches into a flurry of pull-offs across multiple strings. In order to help you fully grasp this particular lick I break it down into two different parts. You will get it down in no time. 🙂

From there we start to run into all of those bends. Like I say in the video, don't spend hours at a time trying to master those bends. If you do you probably won't have any calluses left at all. 🙂 Just work on them a few minutes at a time to give your hands a break and I am sure you will still get everything down rather quickly.

The bends in question include one that is the distance of TWO whole steps. Yikes!! Then in addition to that we have a couple more bends encompassing 1 1/2 steps. That is no walk in the park either.

But, it is well worth the time and effort put into making sure those bends are in tune. The effect of pulling them all off correctly is very cool.

Oh I almost forgot, if you wanna learn how to play the main riff to Whole Lotta Love you can find a link to my lesson on that below.

Whole Lotta Love Guitar Riff Lesson

So I hope you enjoy learning this classic Jimmy Page solo. Just remember, take it easy on those calluses. 🙂


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Whole Lotta Love Guitar Solo Lesson

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