Wild Horses Guitar Lesson – The Rolling Stones – Acoustic

Released in 1971 on The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album, "Wild Horses" has become one of The Rolling Stones' most beloved ballads.

Primarily acoustic based, "Wild Horses" also includes some rather unique guitar layering including a Nashville tuned acoustic. Nashville tuning requires you to re-tune the EADG strings on your guitar up an octave.

However, in this Wild Horses guitar lesson I will demonstrate a nice condensed version of the song that can be played on just one standard tuned acoustic guitar.

Wild Horses is a gorgeous song with some very nice chord progressions that aren't very difficult to play at all. In fact, if you can at least play barre chords, I think you will be playing the entire song in minutes after watching this video lesson.

My aim for this tutorial is not to recreate all the little solos or fill or whatever. I just wanted to demonstrate a way to play this beautiful acoustic based track with one guitarist. Hopefully you will enjoy the results.

There actually is a guitar on the recording playing pretty much exactly what I am demonstrating in this video lesson. It is that guitar part that forms the foundation of the song that all the other guitar layers are complimenting and playing over. That kind of guitar layering is a Rolling Stones trademark.

In any case, The Rolling Stones themselves don't do all of the guitar layers live either. It would be impossible to do so.

So sit back and strum some nice chord progressions with this one. It is all you need to convincingly play "Wild Horses".

There are only a few chord progressions to learn, so hopefully you will have the entire song up and running in no time. I suggest trying to play along with the original recording when practicing since The Rolling Stones seem to treat this song differently just about every time they play it live. This lesson is based off of the original studio recording. 🙂

OK have fun everyone!


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Wild Horses Guitar Lesson - The Rolling Stones


  1. George Kerr on April 21, 2020 at 9:47 am

    How about doing 12 string part. It’ll let u use new 12 string

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