Wild World Guitar Lesson – Cat Stevens

Recorded and released in 1970 for his fourth studio album Tea for the Tillerman, "Wild World" became a huge international hit for Cat Stevens, catapulting his fame to new heights.

In this Wild World guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords to this much beloved acoustic classic, and some cool little guitar licks as well!

The first thing you will hear in the song is the chord progression used during the verse. This verse chord progression has a bit of a Spanish flavor about it and works great supporting the vocal melody.

At the end of the verse there is a quick little descending guitar lick that helps to propel the song into the chorus. The lick is very easy to play, just make sure you try and keep the notes ringing as long as possible.

When it comes to the chorus' chord progression, the chords are pretty easy to play except now you will need to be able to smoothly shift between single note guitar licks and strumming the chords. The guitar licks used in the chorus are probably the most signature guitar parts of the song. These licks can be pretty challenging for the beginner level player. The great thing is that they stay relatively consistent throughout the song. You won't have to learn a different series of guitar licks for every chorus in the song.

After mastering those two chord progressions that is pretty much it. This song is simple and direct. A very interesting group of verse chords, and a chorus with some exciting guitar fills is all Cat Stevens needed to create a massive hit! Good Luck!

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Wild World Guitar Lesson - Cat Stevens

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