Woman Guitar Lesson – John Lennon

In this guitar lesson video I will show you all the chords to John Lennon's beautiful song "Woman" from his 1980 album Double Fantasy.

This one is a little bit unorthodox. First off, you will need to tune your guitar to standard tuning then place a capo at the 1st fret. That is reasonably common, but what makes this Woman guitar lesson a little unusual is that you are going to have to move the capo up to the 2nd fret when the song modulates up a 1/2 step a little later in the song.

The good thing is that as soon as you move that capo up a fret, you won't have to learn anything new. You will play all the guitar parts exactly the same as when the capo was at the 1st fret.

When have 3 distinct guitar parts to learn in "Woman". The first will be the intro which is only heard once in the song. Getting the little melody within those chords to come out correctly is the most difficult part of the intro. I will explain how to do that. 🙂

After that we have the verse with it's simple down-up 8th note strumming. The chords move around quite quickly here so it makes for a great chord workout for those of you trying to perfect moving back and forth between open chords and bar chords. Remember that when I call out the chord names, I am comparing them to the position of the capo. That will be easier to understand after following along with the video lessons.

After that we have the arpeggio picked chorus. This is a very effective guitar part that creates some beautiful melody lines within the picking patterns. I will show you in detail the picking for each chord.

And as I stated before, later when the song modulates up a 1/2 step you will need to quickly move the capo up one fret and keep playing everything the same way. This is obviously only possible with a clamping style capo that enables you to quickly move it around.

Have fun learning this beautiful song from the irreplaceable John Lennon!


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Woman Guitar Lesson - John Lennon

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