Wonderful Christmastime Guitar Lesson – Paul McCartney

In this Wonderful Christmastime guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this popular Holiday classic by the great Paul McCartney on acoustic guitar.

The tuning is standard tuning.

The original recording uses a very "unique" synth sound for the chord work. That sound can make it difficult to make out what the actual chords are. But no worries, I have laid it all out for you in this video lesson.

This song is a great barre chord workout if you feel like you would like some practice with those. I kept everything in the original key as well.

The bridge includes some melodic playing and I have done my best to transcribe those so that they are playable on the guitar. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Watch out for the last chorus because the chords are laid out slightly differently there. I will go into great detail so that you won't get confused on what to play.

Happy Holidays!


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Wonderful Christmastime Guitar Lesson - Paul McCartney

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