Wonderwall Guitar Lesson – Oasis

In this lesson we will take an in-depth look at how to play Oasis' massive acoustic hit "Wonderwall".

As you will notice in the video, this Wonderwall guitar lesson requires you to have a standard tuned guitar with a capo at the 2nd fret. The result of that allows us open position chords throughout, yet still be able to play in the key of F# minor.

"Wonderwall" might seem like a very simple acoustic song, but if you take the time to learn it correctly, you will find that it is much more intricate than most people think.

The opening chord progression serves as the verse of the song and is based around simple open chords with a quick little chord embellishment on the last chord. The most important thing to focus on here will be the right hand rhythm. If you get that rhythm right the chords will feel a lot more simple to you since the right hand will kind of drive the other hand.

Also watch out for the variation that is thrown into the chord sequence the second time around. Even though the song is based around just a few simple chords, you will still need to use your ear to know where to place them all.

For the pre-chorus I have attempted to put the guitar overdubs along with the strummed parts to create one nice sounding guitar part that contains all the vital parts. This pre-chorus will by far be the most difficult part to master for most players.

The arpeggiated picking required to bring out the melody and the quick single string hammer-on lick may take some time to nail properly.

After that we are left with the chorus which is probably the easiest part of the song to play on the guitar. Once again, the rhythm is the driving force here so make sure you spend some time watching and recreating the right hand strums I am playing. Just keep that picking hand moving so you don't lose any rhythmic momentum and consequently, lose the pulse of the song.

Then use your ear to know when to strum the strings or miss the strings but still continue the up-down arm movement.

I think this song would be a nice challenge for the beginning level guitarist. The chords are simple which let you focus mostly on the right hand rhythm, making it an excellent exercise. Enjoy!!


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Wonderwall Guitar Lesson - Oasis

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