You Give Love A Bad Name Guitar Lesson – Bon Jovi

In this video guitar lesson we are gonna do a note-for-note breakdown of how to play Bon Jovi's monster 80's hit, "You Give Love A Bad Name".

This You Give Love A Bad Name guitar lesson has a lot of cool stuff to check out. Guitarist Richie Sambora has given us a couple of very melodic solos and fun riffs to play.

We will start with the intro solo which is quite simple yet highly effective. It contains only a whole step bend and 4 notes to make up the entire melody, but you need to make sure you time those notes right and keep that bend in tune!

From there we go to a very cool muted guitar riff in the first position. You will want to palm mute this riff just right to help those notes popping-out. This riff is very singable, making it very fun to play. Richie Sambora breaks up this riff with a quick double-stop as well.

The pre-chorus contains power chords, arpeggio picked major chords and some more double-stops.

The chorus consists of all power chords but they do move around quite fast. The chorus sections of "You Give Love A Bad Name" can slightly vary, so pay close attention to the section of the video lesson where I describe the slight differences so you can make sure you are always playing the right part in each chorus.

We then make it to the guitar solo. This solo contains pinch harmonics, dive bombs, octave melodies, trills, tapped slides, unison bends and fast alternate picked pentatonics. Yep, it pretty much has it all is one very musical and melodic solo.

Richie Sambora has a knack of combining a multitude of flashy guitar techniques into one cohesive musical statement, and this solo is no different.

Simply learn the solo phrase-by-phrase, since each phrase introduces a new technique. Then put all of those phrases together when you think you have it nailed.

This song would be a great one to learn for the intermediate rock player. Have fun with this 80's rock classic!


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You Give Love A Bad Name Guitar Lesson - Bon Jovi


  1. Billy on September 23, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    You are very talented and great teaching! Thank you very much for the free site and your time!

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