Rock Improvisation Level Three

Eric Johnson Style Pedal Tones Guitar Lesson

In this free video guitar lesson we will take a look at Eric Johnson's exciting use of pedal tones in his solo playing.

Eric Johnson usually employs hybrid picking to accocmplish a fast fluid pedal tone sound that fluently transitions between many different strings. The hybrid picking pattern that he uses is actually quite simple and straightforward and shouldn't present much of a problem to get under your fingers.

Try and keep the note separation clean because letting two notes rings together will create a pretty dissonant and ugly sound, especially when using a high gain setting.

Download the TAB PDF for this lesson below.

Eric Johnson Style Pedal Tones TAB PDF Download

Have fun with this extremely useful and exciting technique!

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Eric Johnson Style Pedal Tones


  1. Jake Mikolas says:

    I like how you pushed in the “Cliffs of Dover” lick, but never mentioned it directly. Since that is a perfect example of a Pedal Tone lick.

  2. New to your site.Thank You for the EJ lesson.Searching around for some new techniques and will keep you in the loop.Great site!

  3. Dear master
    Your lessons are very helpful for guitarists. I am an Indian and living in a village Kottayam of Kerala state. I can not find a good guitar teacher in my surrondings. So your lessons help me a lot. I will suscribe soon. Please attache HITS of EUROPE.

    Thank you

  4. Paul Remigio says:

    I really love your lessons, I must say once again. I only wish you the best!!

  5. arif ahmed says:

    I really love your lessons.

  6. Andy says:

    Eric Johnson was one of the few players who created extremely intricate guitar solos and that’s the main reason I’ve admired his playing my whole life!

    And a cool tutorial. Really helpful if you want to spice up your music.
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Pat Barro says:

    You have the best tutorials for Eric Johnson techniques. and I’m sure the other lessons are equally clear and beneficial for many students on different levels. I highly appreciate your investment in others. Lord bless you.

    With Gratitude, pat

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