Intervals On Guitar Pt.2 “Fourths”

This lesson is a continuation of our interval series. Now we are going to concentrate on learning all of the fourth intervals.

Fourths intervals are particularly hard to play on the guitar because of the guitars tuning system. Since almost all of the strings on a standard tuned guitar are a fourth apart, it means that we will be playing a lot of notes that are not only on a different string but also the same fret. Therefore, we will have to do a lot of rolling.

After a while these patterns will become quite natural to you and if you find a fingering that works better for you than the ones that I use in the video, by all means use it.

Remember, the PDF TAB download is what you will use to memorize all of the patterns and the video is what you will watch when learning the most economical way to finger those patterns. I encourage you to write out the fingerings below each note in the PDF so you will be consistent in how you practice the patterns.

Here is the PDF TAB download for this lesson.

Fourth Intervals PDF TAB Download

Take your time with these rolls, they can be quite difficult to get fast in the beginning.

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  1. MOSTAPHA AL HARUAT on February 6, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    very important it imports great abilitys sor fingers and hand adaptation
    thanks a lot

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