All You Need Is Love Guitar Lesson – The Beatles

Well this one certainly needs no introduction, "All You Need Is Love" is a certified classic by the imitable Beatles.

In this All You Need Is Love guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play all the chords to this much loved Beatles classic and in addition I will show you how to play George Harrison's quick little guitar solo.

The first chords I will show you in the lesson are underneath the brass instruments in the intro.

When the verse begins we have a pretty basic sequence of chords that is notable for it's use of the D7 chord during the "It's easy" part of the verse. There is a bass line going on underneath that chord and it makes for a very striking sound. A lot of that is drowned out on the original recording do to the string section playing along, but it is cool none-the-less.

During the chorus the chords move around quite a bit quicker even though they still remain pretty basic throughout. Really try to lock into the groove during all of the chord progressions found in "All You Need Is Love". Following Paul McCartney's very prominent bass line is a really nice way of locking into that groove.

"All You Need Is Love" is a great song for the beginner level guitarist because of it's basic chords and steady groove throughout. Now that rhythm can feel a bit awkward at times as well so don't feel that it won't take you undivided attention to get it right.

There are a lot of quick time signature changes, but don't worry about all of that. If you listen to the original recording enough you should be able to just feel the rhythm just fine. 🙂

George Harrison's solo is extremely musical and highly effective. It is a repetitive melodic figure using a lot of bends. I perform and teach these on acoustic in the video lesson, but you may want to opt for an electric like on the original recording since that will make it much easier to play.



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All You Need Is Love Guitar Lesson - The Beatles


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    Can we get Hey Jude?

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