Always On My Mind Guitar Lesson – Elvis Presley

In this video guitar lesson, I will show you all the chords to the legendary "Always On My Mind" first made popular by the great Elvis Presley.

I know that the Willie Nelson version of this great song is just as popular, but I decided to go with the Elvis Presley version for a couple of reasons. Both of which I will talk about in the video lesson. Either way, you will be able to play along with both versions after learning this lesson.

This Always On My Mind guitar lesson will take you step-by-step through all the chords and progressions played in the original Elvis Presley version.

Luckily, the chords are very basic, making "Always On My Mind" a great song to learn for the beginning guitarist. There are ways of spicing up the chords a bit which I will demonstrate in the lesson as well, but for the most part, keeping everything simple will still sound great.

Before you try to start learning how to play "Always On My Mind" on the guitar, I highly suggest giving the original Elvis Presley version a few listens to help you get acquainted with the length of time that all the chords are played. Throughout all the chord progressions, you will see that there are some progressions that are played with the same chords except that they are held for different lengths of time. Listening closely to the original recording will help you understand that timing easily.

I think this song works great on acoustic guitar, but of course you can play it on any type of standard tuned guitar you like. It will sound great either way.

Have fun guys!


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Always On My Mind Guitar Lesson - Elvis Presley

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