Angel Guitar Chords – Sarah McLachlan

In this video guitar lesson, I will demonstrate how to play all of the guitar chords for Sarah McLachlan's beautiful ballad "Angel".

One quick note about the tuning. I will be teaching this lesson in standard tuning with a capo at the 1st fret. That will enable us to use simple chords throughout the whole song, while still being able to match the pitch of the original recording. The song is originally in Db major, but with the capo at the first fret we can play it as if it is in C major, which is a key that is much easier to play in on the guitar.

We will only have and intro, verse and chorus to memorize for this one and as I stated before, the chords are rather simple and easy to play so hopefully it won't take you very long to get this song down.

When recreating the song on the guitar, you will obviously have to decide on what type of strumming patterns to use throughout. The piano sustains a lot longer than the guitar, which enables Sarah McLachlan to play these full and rich sounding chords that just sustain. She then will usually add a few fills to round out the sound.

When playing this on the guitar, it is best to just focus on the underlying chords without attempting to add all the intricate piano fills since that would be impossible to play on the guitar.

I chose a simple strumming pattern in order to fill out the sound a little but, but feel free to use a more subtle strumming approach if you think it fits the vibe of the song better.

Hope you guys enjoy learning this massive hit by Sarah McLachlan!

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Angel Guitar Chords - Sarah McLachlan

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