Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

When Elvis Presley released "Can't Help Falling In Love" in 1961, it's popularity, along with just about everything else he recorded skyrocketed.

It is now considered an all-time classic and can still be heard in many movies and TV. In this Can't Help Falling in Love guitar lesson, I will show you all the guitar chords in the original key that Elvis Presley recorded the song in.

There are basically three different sections you will need to learn the chords to. The first section will be the intro which includes a little arpeggio figure that I will show you how to play on the guitar.

When then arrive at the main chord progression of the song. These chords make up what is really the chorus of the song. I chose to pick them in an arpeggio picking style but strumming them will sound fine as well. The chords used in this section are mostly simple open position chords. There are a couple of bar chords and those may be a challenge to the beginner level guitarist, but other than that, everything is pretty easy.

This chord progression is rather long and incorporates a bass line as well between some of the chords. It sounds very beautiful when you put it all together, so I highly recommend putting in the effort to memorize it.

We also have another section that you could simply call the B section. It happens a couple times throughout the song. It involves switching between an F# minor chord and a C#7 chord for most of the time. This section, with it's more dissonant chords really helps to offset the more melodic chord sequence found in the main chord progression.

So I hope you guys enjoy learning this great Elvis Presley classic!


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Can't Help Falling In Love Guitar Lesson - Elvis Presley

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