Eric Clapton Style Blues Lick “Lick Of The Week”

In this week's "Lick of The Week" lesson we are going to learn a cool Eric Clapton style lick that combines a few things out of his legendary bag of tricks.

As with just anything to do with Eric Clapton's playing, the focus here is on phrasing, keeping those bends in tune and a fat, smooth and steady vibrato technique.

This lick will demonstrate all of those elements and some of them can be quite tricky to accurately play.

Perhaps the most difficult section of this lick is the quick succession of pre-bends. He uses this technique a lot and it can take some trial and error (along with some very sore fingertips) to get it right.

When practicing this section of the lick keep testing your intonation (how in tune the bend is) by constantly playing the note two frets up (a whole step), then bending the note 2 frets back to try and match that pitch you just played.

Remember, since it is a pre-bend you can't bend into the pitch. Don't pick the string until you think you have the bend right where it needs to be. If when you play the pre-bend it doesn't sound like the test note you played before try the exercise again.

With a little bit of practice, your hand will just know what a whole step bend in that area of the fretboard feels like and will be able to pull off a pre-bend with little effort.

In any case, I think this video lesson does a fine job of taking you through the elements you need to practice in order to master this style of lick.

Don't forget to download the TAB for this lesson below.

Eric Clapton Style Blues Lick Of The Week TAB PDF Download

Alrighty get to it! Carl..

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Eric Clapton Style Blues Lick


  1. Kyle on July 2, 2014 at 11:30 pm

    Love Your Site and you are Awesome for putting all of this up. I owe all of my guitar knowledge to you. I have a lick of the week request. Something in the style of Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold 🙂


  2. Pete on January 20, 2021 at 10:15 pm

    What amp settings are you playing with?

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