Faithfully Guitar Solo Lesson – Journey

Neal Schon really is a master at creating highly melodic guitar solos. Even though most of his solos always include some flashy licks, you can still pretty much hum them all because of how musical there are. His solo in "Faithfully" is no different.

In this Faithfully guitar solo lesson, I will demonstrate how to play this solo note-for-note just like Neal Schon plays it.

Most of the song is piano based, so I will focus on the outro section of the song which is where all the guitar pyrotechnics begin.

Within this solo, you will have to contend with some large bends. In fact, many of the bends found in Neal Schon's solo in "Faithfully" can be pretty tricky to get just right. You have to really focus on getting your intonation prefect since you will be letting a lot of the bends ring for a long time. It is one thing to do a quick bend in the middle of a lick, it is another to let you sound of the bends just continue to soar.

There is also a quick little pentatonic lick in there which is also a staple of Neal Schon's style.

All-in-all, I think this is a great solo for the intermediate level player and above to learn. Enjoy!


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Faithfully Guitar Solo - Journey

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