Fun Hybrid Picking With Slurs

In this video guitar lesson we will continue our "Lick Of The Week" series of guitar lessons with a cool hybrid picking lick that contains repetitive slurs.

This kind of guitar lick is pretty easy to understand and should be relatively easy to get up to a fast speed quickly.

You can apply this kind of guitar lick to many styles. You will probably hear many famous guitar players styles within this lick. From John Petrucci, to Yngwie Malmsteen, Lindsay Buckingham, Steve Morse and countless others. Even if they may not be hybrid picking the lick they still create this same type of effect.

Make sure you download the free TAB PDF for this lesson below.

Hybrid Picking With Slurs TAB PDF Download

Take it slow and get the simple pattern down first before speeding it up and expanding it across the neck.

Have Fun!! Cheers!! Carl.. 😀

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Hybrid Picking with Slurs

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