I Feel Fine Guitar Lesson – The Beatles

In this video guitar lesson we will learn The Beatles' riff driven rocker "I Feel Fine" in it's entirety.

The main riff of "I Feel Fine" consists of an arpeggiated sequence around a major barre chord shape. It starts out around a D major chord then moves to C major and finally G major before the vocals come in.

In this I Feel Fine guitar lesson I will break down that riff so you can fully understand how it is performed. It can be quite tricky at first, especially with the large stretch that is required in the fret hand. Just take your time with it. You don't want to rush through learning how to play that main riff and end up being sloppy with it. Since it being played through about 80% of the song you will want to make sure you have it mastered.

That riff was played on stage at least primarily by George Harrison and John Lennon took care of the rhythm part. Who is playing what on the actual recording is anyone's guess. But, in this lesson, I cover both parts.

The chorus is rather simple compared to the verse since that main riff drops out and all you have to do is some simple strumming.

Other than that all that is left to cover is the guitar solo. The first half of George Harrison's guitar solo for "I Feel Fine" is based around a simple sliding doublestop lick. The second half of the solo is pretty much identical to the intro of the song with the main riff being played around a D major chord to C major then G major.

When you put it all together, not only will you be playing a great classic Beatles song, but you will have a nice challenging song to play as well. It certainly isn't as easy to play as it sounds! 🙂

So I hope you guys enjoy this lesson. You certainly can't go wrong learning as many Beatles songs as possible. They certainly set the bar pretty high when it came to songwriting. You can really learn a lot from studying how their songs are put together.

Enjoy!! Carl...

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I Feel Fine Guitar Lesson - The Beatles

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