Open Position Chords Pt.2 A Minor, E Major and E Minor

This lesson is part two of our three part series on the eight basic open position chords.

It covers the chords A Minor, E Minor and E Major.

Make sure that you are properly arching your fingers so they don't mute out any strings underneath them. And make sure you are strumming the correct amount of strings for the particular chord you are playing.

Here is the PDF Download if you don't have it yet.

Basic Open Position Chords PDF

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Open Position Chords Pt.2 A Minor, E Major and E Minor


  1. Don on December 22, 2020 at 8:24 am

    Hi, Carl – I have a question about fingering. I’ve been fooling around with guitar for years and I think I developed some bad habits and inconsistencies.

    Do you always finger the chords the same way, or are you mentally able to keep track of different fingerings at speed for the same chord?

    I began practicing E as O231OO and Em as O23OOO before ever practicing C. Once I added C, I started fingering E as O321OO for an easy change to C X32O1O. Now, the original way makes more sense for the change you demonstrate from Am XO231O and I’m confused.

    Is it better to keep practicing and getting better at changes between the shapes you show, or memorize and play different shapes for different songs (say, for a song that has lots of E and C versus a song that has lots of E and A)?

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