Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody Guitar Lesson

In this video guitar lesson I will break down note-for-note how to play Kings Of Leon's massive hit "Use Somebody".

The chords for "Use Somebody" are quite simple. You will be playing basic major and minor bar chords throughout most of this Use Somebody guitar lesson.

The chorus and the verse use the exact same chords albeit in much different dynamic levels. Try to really feel the groove used with these chords. From the very beginning of the song you can feel this groove very well. The chords will be simple to you as soon as the rhythm is solid.

Over this chord progression there is also a melodic guitar line going on as well. I will break down this line note-for-note. It changes quite a bit throughout the song so you will want to memorize those notes a section at a time.

The only time that you will need to change up the chord progression is during the bridge. You will still be playing simple bar chords though, so it shouldn't be much of a challenge.

After all of the rhythm guitar parts are taken care of, I will then show you a note-for-note breakdown of the guitar solo.

Matthew Followill's guitar solo consists of a repeated melodic phrase that encompasses a pretty large area around the fretboard. That means that you will probably be able to memorize it relatively quickly. However, the large shifts that are played throughout the solo might present a bit of a challenge to some players.

All-in-all I think "Use Somebody" would be a great song to learn for any upper beginner level player and above. Enjoy!


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Use Somebody Guitar Lesson - Kings Of Leon

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