Love Me Do Guitar Lesson – The Beatles

In this Love Me Do guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play the chords to The Beatles' very first hit single.

The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E.

"Love Me Do" is a great song for anyone to learn, but especially for beginner players. It uses just three simple chords for the entire song.

As an added bonus, I will give a detailed explanation of how I teach new players to learn strumming patterns. The key here is to not overthink it and just try to feel the rhythm pattern intuitively. You need to keep your strumming arm continuously moving down and up since that is what is keeping the time.

From there, just listen to the pattern as if someone is clapping it out in front of you. You will now play that pattern while keeping the constant up down movement of the strumming arm. For some of the strums, you will intentionally miss the strings, for some you will hit them and some of the hits will be accented. The idea is to let the pattern happen naturally within that down up motion and just focus on matching the sound of the pattern and not the downstrokes and upstrokes. The correct pattern will develop naturally without you having to think about it very much. This is how more advanced players do it and learning to strum this way from the beginning will speed up the process for you immensely!

Have fun learning this classic song by The Beatles! Carl...

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Love Me Do Guitar Lesson - The Beatles

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