Mississippi Queen Guitar Lesson – Mountain

In these Mississippi Queen guitar lesson videos, I will take you note-for-for through this classic of early seventies hard rock as played by the great Leslie West and his band Mountain.

As I mention in the video lessons, the tuning is slightly sharp on the recording but otherwise, it is simply standard tuning.

In the first lesson I will demonstrate all of those well known guitar riffs and the intro solo as well. The intro solo is so identifiable and uses some cool staccato techniques along with some seriously bluesy bends.

Towards the end of the first video I will also show you the guitar licks being playing during the second verse.

In the second video lesson I will demonstrate note-for-note how to play the main guitar solo. This solo has a lot in common with the intro solo, however, Leslie West develops it much more and takes us on a longer ride with his hard rockin' blues magic.

This song would be great for the intermediate level guitarist looking to add not only a classic song to his/her repertoire, but also some cool guitar licks as well. However, there isn't really anything too daunting to learn in "Mississippi Queen". If you have some decent soloing chops, you should have everything under your fingers rather quickly.

I think Leslie West, as much as he is still respected, is still a very underrated guitarist. Hopefully this lesson series will help expose his playing to a new generation of players. Enjoy!


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Mississippi Queen Guitar Lesson - Riffs & Intro Solo

Mississippi Queen Guitar Lesson - Main Solo


  1. captain action on December 27, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Thanks Carl!
    This song is a bit fast for me, not sure if I’ll ever master it with my lousy dexterity.
    But I love the song so I’ll keep trying.
    Great Lesson!

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