Rock’n Me Guitar Lesson – Steve Miller Band

In this guitar lesson video I will show you a note-for-note breakdown to the Steve Miller Band's classic "Rock'n Me".

Released in 1976 off their Fly Like An Eagle album, "Rock'n Me" became the band's second number one hit.

There are lots of cool guitar licks to learn in this one, and this Rock'n Me guitar lesson will show you how to play all of them.

The intro is probably one of the coolest guitar intros of the seventies. It contains some nice guitar licks that are kind of a tip of the hat to "All Right Now". There are quick power chords and a fast Hendrix inspired chordal hammer-on lick as well.

The verse and chorus sections are based around three simple power chords. There really isn't anything to talk about during the verse, but during the chorus Steve Miller adds some melodic content on top of those same chords. It is actually quite difficult to hear this on the original recording so make sure you listen close to get the timing of the melody notes close.

Have fun learning this Steve Miller Band classic!


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Rock'n Me Guitar Lesson - Steve Miller Band

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