See You Again Guitar Lesson – Wiz Khalifa (feat.) Charlie Puth

This guitar lesson will teach you how to play an easy guitar arrangement of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's No.1 hit for the Furious 7 movie, "See You Again".

Originally performed on the piano, it works well on the guitar if you place a capo at the first fret. In fact, there is only one barre chord you will have to play throughout the song.

In this See You Again guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate all the chords played originally on the piano. There will be 3 chord progressions to learn. This is a great song for just about any level of player to learn. 🙂

We start with the verse chord progression when the vocals come in. If you aren't very good at playing barre chords yet, check out my barre chord guitar lessons and you should be playing them in no time. After that, this See You Again guitar lesson will be pretty easy to follow.

Both the verse and the rap sections use the same chords, albeit in a slightly different order. The chord changes can be a little bit quick at times, so this is why I think "See You Again" would be a great song to practice for the beginner level guitarist.

The bridge section introduces a couple of new chords and ends with a cool descending chord progression that really helps to keep the song from sounding too predictable.

As is the case with many songs that are transcribed for guitar from the original piano recording, the use of a capo can help eliminate most of the barre chords you would have to play if you played the song in it's original key. Having the capo at the first fret allows us to have to play only one barre chord yet still keep all the chords in the same key as the original song.

I hope you enjoy learning this fun guitar arrangement of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's smash hit ballad "See You Again".


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See You Again Guitar Lesson - Wiz Khalifa (feat.) Charlie Puth

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