Soloing Over The Minor Chord Family Pt.1

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In this Jazz Guitar University video guitar lesson we will begin our look at soloing over minor chord types.

The ability to solo over any chord type is obviously essential in Jazz but also very useful in other styles of music.

The PDF download for this lesson shows you all the things I go over in the video so make sure you download and read through it before taking a look at the video.

The video guitar lesson begins with a short improvisation over a 4 chord repeated progression. The Backing Track for that improvisation is also below in the form of a video backing track.

I think the video backing track is more beneficial because it gives me the ability to let you know what each chord in the progression is and how you should improvise over it in real time. That way, you will never get lost while improvising.

You can watch the video 100's of times, so just take your time and master the chord progression by playing it over and over again.

Grab the PDF tutorial here.

Soloing Over The Minor Chord Family Pt.1 PDF

Hope you enjoy improvising with the backing track!! See You Guys Soon!![ssba]

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Soloing Over The Minor Chord Family Pt.1

Soloing Over Major & Minor Chord Types Backing Track


  1. Chris on August 6, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Great site, I’ll add a link on my site which discusses blues guitar

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