Steves Boogie Guitar Lesson Videos – Eric Johnson

In these Steves Boogie guitar lesson videos we will be learning a barn storming country and western swing tune by Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson proves that virtually no style is out of his reach as he burns through this original piece.

Steve's Boogie is a virtual nonstop tour de force of country guitar techniques, so for anyone who is unfamiliar with this style, these Steves Boogie guitar lesson videos should be a real eye opener.

This style is also a blast to play as soon as you get the licks and rhythmic grooves down. You will be using hybrid picking throughout the entire song. Hybrid picking is the technique of using your pick and fingers at the same time as is essential to playing this style of music correctly.

The two Steves Boogie guitar lesson videos will take some time to get through. Take your time and slowly work on all the sections separately then start piecing them together. Good luck!! 😀

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Steves Boogie Guitar Lesson - First Half

Steves Boogie Guitar Lesson - Second Half

Steves Boogie Guitar Lesson - Full Performance For Study


  1. Ray on December 26, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    Only in my dreams but thanks for a very entertaining piece and introducing me to some of Eric Johnson’s music. I will let my friend, who is an advanced player, know of your site. I am sure he will want to be a member also, after seeing all you have for his level of playing..

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