Take Me To Church Guitar Lesson – Hozier

For most music fans "Take Me To Church" by Hozier needs no introduction. It has been a massive hit for some time now, reaching number one on the charts in 12 countries.

What I have done in this Take Me To Church guitar lesson video was to transcribe all of the haunting piano chords for guitar in a rather easy to play arrangement.

Luckily I think this song works great on the guitar. 90% of the chords are simple open position chords with just a couple barre chords to deal with. Even with the stripped down instrumentation of just one guitar, I think it still sounds great.

The opening chords make up the verse and are quite easy to play. The hardest thing to get correct with this section is the timing of the chords. That timing is very unorthodox, but if you have enough familiarity with the sound of the song it should be quite easy to follow.

For the second section, which I refer to in the lesson as the "Amen" section, it requires you to shift from a G major to a C major chord. After a couple of times that C major becomes C minor. For that C minor you don't necessarily have to play it as a barre chord. I will explain that in the video lesson.

The chorus is quite simple with just basic open chords. It also has a more laid back and easy to follow rhythmic feel to it. I just used a simple strumming pattern for this part.

The only part of the song that requires you to play full barre chords will be the bridge. Hopefully that won't scare away the beginner guitarists out there. I think learning this "Take Me To Church" guitar arrangement would be a great way to practice this essential technique. 🙂

OK have fun everyone!


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Take Me To Church Guitar Lesson - Hozier

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